Monday, May 16, 2011

Starting Monday....

The best part of any diet is the day before you start it. Its a free for all day when you eat all the foods you wont be able to have EVER!! I love the pre diet day. Its so full of hope, dreams and chocolate. Its a day you spend in a sugar fog or salty haze daydreaming of the day when you wont have to lay down to zip up your jeans and your button down shirt will actually come together in the appropriate places. I have experienced many pre diet days. Some actually followed by a diet. I've been on lots of diets, Weight Watcher's x 2, low fat, low carb, LA Weight Loss, Slim Fast and Nutrisystem. I lost weight on them all. They all work. Since I started dieting as a teenager I have lost 1000 lbs. I eat when I'm bored, happy, sad, stressed, to celebrate, and to console. I love to eat. Being from and living in the South (Charleston SC) most of our activities center around food. My father passed away recently and with the amount of fried chicken that was brought over I could have assembled 20 complete birds.

So here I am 25 lbs away from what I want to be. No this wont garner me a spot on the Biggest Loser, but if I continue how I've been I will be front and center on there having the trainers yelling at me, asking, " how'd you get this way?"

Since I have tried lots of different diets I decided to go it on my own, so to speak. Weight Watcher's is the most sensible of all the diets. I plan on using them as a guideline, along with daily exercise. I'll record my progress here in hopes that sending my info out in cyberspace for strangers to view will keep me on track. I know what I need to do, its the "doing" that is the challenge.

My stats:
Current Weight: 185 lbs
Goal: 160
Height: 5'6

Whew, there they are, THE NUMBERS. I figured I would put the current weight first. Do it quick and move on. Like ripping off a band aide. Before anyone says that for my height the charts say I should be at the max 155 lbs. I weighed 160 once, for a day or so, and I felt great at that weight. I don't care what the chart says, 160 is the goal.

I will update often. Try new products, recipes, exercises, etc. Feel free to leave suggestions on what's worked and not worked for you as we embark on this weight loss journey AGAIN.

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  1. I think this is what happens to me sometime... the "day before diet" P