Friday, June 3, 2011

Hot & Bothered

I weighed this past Tues, scale stayed the same. Ugh! Where is all this water weight you're suppose to lose the first week or 2?! Apparently I'm better at holding water than any dam. Its hard losing weight as many folks can attest to, but when you're a woman of a certain age its almost impossible. They say as women our metabolism starts to slow dramatically in our 30s. It must come to a grinding halt when we hit 40. Men have it made, surprise, surprise. They can cut out a snack and lose 10 lbs. Women, we naturally have more body fat, are held to a MUCH smaller size standard, have to deal with "that time of the month", and when we make it past that time, the old lady hormones kick in. Well, we will see what the scale says next week. You can tell I'm bothered. If you're wondering where the hot part of the title comes from, its 93 degrees, feels like 100 degrees in Charleston, SC. All I want to eat is ice cream. Give a girl a break.

Edy's Slow Churn fat free ice cream is the best. Always go for fat free ice cream. Low or no sugar added ice cream is horrible. :)

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  1. I haven't lost ANY thing either ~ just patience! and now we're in MI eating out, somewhere every meal!! Oh woe the scales when we get home!